Loss Prevention Cover Letters Samples

When you want to create an application that stands out, a well-written cover letter can be an important and effective tool. Use our list of do’s and don’ts as a starting point to make a great impression on a hiring manager, and use our loss prevention supervisor cover letter example as a guide for writing your own standout letter.

  • Do describe specific examples of the leadership and observational skills you’ve brought to your previous employment. For example, you might describe techniques you introduced at a loss prevention control meeting.
  • Don’t forget to point out how your past experiences could be beneficial to the employer. These professionals know what they have to offer; it’s your job to show how you can help them.
  • Do share specific numbers and measures. Potential employers appreciate numbers, so share some percentages of improvement, for example. If you’ve recognized certain displays that encouraged shoplifters and made changes, share the specific drop in losses that your past employers experienced.
  • Don’t address your cover letter “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam.” These salutations are too generic. Instead, be as specific as possible in your greeting.

Loss Prevention Supervisor Advice

A loss prevention supervisor monitors shoppers and is responsible for preventing theft and apprehending shoplifters. To get hired in a loss prevention supervisor role, you’ll need a quality cover letter. The cover letter examples below can help you write a cover letter that employers are looking for. Use these cover letter examples as building blocks in creating your own cover letter, and you’ll be ready to land more interviews, and get the job you want sooner.

Cover Letter Tips for Loss Prevention Supervisor

Whether you are looking for jobs as a Loss Prevention Supervisor or anywhere else in the country, it helps to have a plan in place before you get started. Use these tips and tricks to make your job search easier for you.

1. Follow up on any and all job leads. This means following up on names your friends give you, jobs you apply for online and interviews you’ve attended. You never know where a job will turn up.

2. Keep your cover letter up to date. Double-check your contact information, whether you’ve accurately listed your experience and certifications and that everything is spelled correctly and grammatically correct.

3. Consider entering a new career path. If you have skills that would be considered an asset in more than one industry, broadening your horizons could help your job search.

4. Ask for help. Job hunting is more than applying online. Check into local resources such as job fairs, the local American Job Center or even your nearest library.

5. Remain positive. Job hunting is rarely as quick as you want it to be, but keeping a positive attitude will shine through in interviews and help you along the way.

Loss Prevention Supervisor Job Seeking Tips

One of the most important parts of having a successful job search as a Loss Prevention Supervisor is having a professional cover letter. Follow these guidelines to create a better cover letter and up your chances of finding the job you want.

1. Do start with a great summary. Imagine it as a headline you’d use to attract and keep someone’s attention. In paragraph format, outline your best skills and experience.

2. Don’t forget to proofread. A great cover letter will automatically look less professional if it has grammar and spelling issues. Consider asking a friend or family member to read over it for extra assurance.

3. Do know which information to list first. If you’re applying for an entry-level position, your education is probably most prominent and should be listed before experience. If you have years of experience, list it first.

4. Don’t get too personal. Don’t list your street address in the contact information, don’t mention religious affiliations or other non-work-related information and don’t talk about your family or children. Your cover letter should be strictly professional.

5. Do be detailed, though. When listing your experience, include five to eight bullet points for each listing that describes your duties and accomplishments at the job.

Loss Prevention Officer Resume Samples

Loss Prevention Officers normally work with security teams at the retail level, monitoring video footage in the back office via surveillance cameras or walking the store in plain clothes to keep an eye out for theft. Duties displayed on example resumes of Loss Prevention Officers include conducting physical risk analysis, and responding to and reporting all external and internal incidents that occur on the premises. The resumes of Loss Prevention Officers should list a high school diploma as the minimum education requirement for the position.

For more information on what it takes to be a Loss Prevention Officer, check out our complete Loss Prevention Officer Job Description.


Loss Prevention Officer

  • #1 Officer in store for recoveries of theft for 3 consecutive months. Personally averaged $500 worth of recovered stolen items, Department average was $85
  • Oversaw Cargo areas during delivery hours, double checking vendor tickets and schedule sheets and any other special Documents requested by the Receiving Department.
  • Acted as Fire Guard, responded to Fire Alarms, updated Fire Extinguishers, responded to stalled elevators with trapped customers
  • Responded to Emergencies, coordinated with NYPD Uniformed and Plainclothes officers on when arrests were made, acted as First Responder until EMS arrived, placed calls to 911
  • Assisted disabled customers with accessibility in store through registering for mot

Loss Prevention Officer

Controlled the flow of traffic upon shipment entering and exiting the warehouse.

  • Provided daily reports with management using Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Implemented policies and regulations. Filing incident reports when necessary.
  • Monitored CCTV camera network to eliminate loss of merchandise.
  • Assisted emergency personnel in the event of an emergency situation.
  • Enhanced work efficiency by modifying warehouse layout.
  • Resolved internal issues and organized workstations.

Loss Prevention Officer

Monitored CCTV surveillance systems in stores and prepared reports of any issues

  • Provided a defense against retail theft both internally and externally
  • Performed random searches and investigated suspicious behavior within the company
  • Partnered with management to educate associates on safety, company policies and proper procedures
  • Coordinated with management and maintained knowledge on all store activities and merchandise

Loss Prevention Officer

Coordinated and administers all security programs to minimize losses and protect company assets

  • Identified and analyzes asset protection risks in order to effectively develop, recommend, and implement comprehensive countermeasures designed to eliminate or minimize losses.
  • Covertly monitored shoppers
  • Trained other employees in detecting shoplifters
  • Detected, deterred, investigated, and resolved violations of company policies and criminal activities

Loss Prevention Officer

Conduct physical and video surveillance in a distribution center environment while ensuring the protection of company assets through implementation and compliance of policies and procedures.

  • Conducted surveillance to detect loss in distribution environment.
  • Monitored and reviewed CCTV for loss, suspicious activities, and incidents.
  • Conducted physical security checks to inspect employees' personal property ensuring that prohibited items are not brought into building.
  • Knowledge of walk-through and wand metal detectors.
  • Documented, reported, and assisted visitors, employees and vendors.
  • Investigated disturbances such as alarms, unlawful intrusion, and property damage.
  • Gathered and prepared reports daily for other loss prevention officers and supervisors to ensure continuity between guard shifts.

Lead Loss Prevention Officer

Ensured proper operation of physical building security, alarms, and camera surveillance system.

  • Provided necessary training to loss prevention personnel.
  • Designed and monitored creative loss prevention training materials.
  • Collaborated with police officers, attorneys and prosecutors to ensure appropriate legal actions executed. Worked closely with the Hotel management team to increase sales associate awareness in safety. Conducted profit enhancement meetings to review shrink results.
  • Improved overall safety performance of the hotel.

Armed Loss Prevention Officer

Greets 300-500 customers daily upon entry to store. Conducts employee parcel inspections, ID verification and enforces company policy. Performs facility patrols and lockdown as dictated. Screens visitors and employees seeking entry after hours. Coordinates cash transfers from (8) points of sale to safe twice daily. Responsible for Lost and found items.

  • Assessed situations with consideration for age, and temperament of individuals involved and responded accordingly to avoid incidents.
  • Courteous and respectful
  • Frequently recognized by management for dedication and dependability

Loss Prevention Officer

Primarily responsible for maintaining and providing a safe environment for guest and associates visiting the establishment

  • Developed and maintained accurate activity logs before the end of each shift
  • Patrolled facility grounds to prevent and dissuade criminal activity
  • Monitored security cameras and served as the alternate receptionist, and vendor liaison

Loss Prevention Officer

Implement and ensure compliance with the company's loss prevention program to protect a logistics center, personnel, and company assets from actual or potential injuries or losses.

  • Implement an investigatory program and respond to all violates of safety, security, and fire prevention procedures, accidents, credit fraud, internal and external theft in compliance with company procedures and methods.
  • Implement and assist with various loss prevention programs including fire prevention, safety, emergency plans, information technology security, contract security, and personnel security.
  • Liaison with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to complement overall loss prevention functions and programs.
  • Conduct surveillance, interviews suspects, writes reports, and maintains records for future use in court proceedings.
  • Participates in court hearings
  • Led district in apprehensions for five straight months, which decreased stores shrinkage by 10% in 2011.

Loss Prevention Officer

  • Implemented loss prevention strategies and conducted loss prevention training to reduce shrink in the retail stores.
  • Reviewed and approved loss prevention expenses.
  • Ensured that investigations are conducted and successfully concluded involving associate theft and violations of business conduct policy.
  • Planed and overseen technical wiring & equipment installations.


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