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Stress related health problems are the most common among students. Constant pressure from families, feelings of competition among peers, and anxiety due to the approaching deadline often lead to sleeping and eating disorders, as well as problems with circulatory and nervous systems. Though many people consider asking someone to “do my assignment” to be unethical, here are a couple of reasons why this can be the right thing to do.

Why Ordering an Assignment Is Good for You

Finals are approaching, and this means that more students are wondering, “who can do my assignment for me?” If you are still hesitating on whether it is a good idea to find a custom writing service or not, here are a couple of reasons why you definitely should.

  1. Your own interests are disregarded. How often do you hear teachers say, “you can choose whatever topic you like,” or “do the assignments that interest you.” Admittedly, this happens sometimes, but teachers never say, “you can do this assignment if you want to.” Everything is compulsory, whether you like it or not. Sometimes they pretend to create an atmosphere of freedom and the right of choice, but this is just an illusion, since you cannot choose whether to write an essay or a term paper. Considering this fact, asking someone to “write my assignment for me” seems less unfair, right?
  2. You are always the guilty one. No matter how hard you have studied and how many home assignments you completed, if you can't answer a question the professor mentioned once by chance, it makes you a typical lazy student who didn’t study at all. If you decide to save some time for preparing for the tests and ask an expert writer, “write assignment for me,” you are also lazy because you should have done everything on your own. Also, you must attend all the classes—that’s unquestionable.
  3. The criteria are different. There’s a popular joke describing college education that is actually not far from the truth: you study something as easy as“2+2,” then you get assignments with square roots as your homework, and on the exam you are suddenly asked about advanced calculus. As every joke, this contains a little exaggeration. However, there’s also a grain of truth in every joke. Despite all the obstacles and unfair judgment, students somehow manage to save their academic records form going bad. Isn’t it time to get some help at long last?

Why Choose Us

If you type “do my assignment online,” you will get hundreds of links leading to various essay writing services. How can you choose the best one from such a vast variety?

The first thing you have to look at while choosing a service is the confidentiality policy. Some websites may ask you to provide general information, such as gender, age, year of studies, and major for forming a statistics base. However, it’s better to restrain from using such websites, since you can never know how much information they are going to collect. Some other “do my assignment” websites have a poor information security system, so they can “share” your personal information, even if it isn't on purpose.

If you order at WriteMyEssayOnline.com, this will never happen. We never expose your personal information or e-mail to third parties. Even within the company, only the members of our payment team know your real name and corresponding e-mail.

Secondly, you have to pay attention to the content. An essential characteristic of any good custom written essay is its uniqueness rate. Basically, you are paying for good English and 100% uniqueness. Obviously, you have to be sure that the paper you receive will be unique. Some services won’t let you check the work until you pay for it, and others will show you only the unique parts.

At WriteMyEssayOnline.com, you can check the plagiarism rate of your essay as many times as you need throughout the writing process. You can either use our checker, or any other checker available on the Internet that you consider to be reliable. If you detect an unsatisfactory plagiarism rate, feel free to contact your author immediately and ask for a revision. The earlier you ask the author, the more time he or she has to do the rewriting.

And finally, it’s the pricing policy. Most assignment websites try to maintain low prices by reducing the quality of their works or safeness of their information security system. We at WriteMyEssayOnline.com have found a better way of keeping brilliant quality alongside affordable prices. We don’t actually have any fixed prices—instead, we have introduced a bidding system.

Basically, the bidding system is similar to an auction. You place an order with a description of the paper you need, and our authors start bidding for it, suggesting their prices. However, with our system, you choose the one who will work on your order, depending on the author’s education, experience, website rating and awards.

Along with the bidding system, we have a partial payment system. You will be asked to pay in parts, and only after reviewing and approving each part of the paper sent by your chosen author. Before approving, you can ask questions, make suggestions on the improvement of the work, and request as many amendments as you need. The system of partial payment is secure and convenient for both our writers and clients. When you have $100 to live with until the end of the month, it’s easier to pay five tiny amounts of money than one large sum, even on a psychological level.

And finally, we have direct author-client communication. We don’t employ client managers to ask you all sorts of questions, since we are convinced no one can explain your needs better than you. So we have designed a handy live chat, where you can discuss all the arising questions with your chosen author instantly.

Still wondering “who can do assignment for me?” Place an order at WriteMyEssayOnline.com and get a brilliant academic essay written according to all your demands.

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