Discuss The Problems Of Unemployment And Offered Possible Solutions Essay

...Unemployment is a great concern in Bangladesh. Every year hundreds of thousands student are coming out from college and university. Though it is one of the major responsibilities of the Government to provide job to those young generation but the Government is failed to meet the job demand among the large population. Only a tiny fraction of total jobless is managed by different government offices and private organization but a majority remain unemployed. Unemployed workers" are those who are currently not working but are willing and able to work for pay, currently available to work, and have actively searched for work.Individuals who are actively seeking job placement must make the effort to: be in contact with an employer, have job interviews, contact job placement agencies, send out resumes, submit applications, respond to advertisements, or some other means of active job searching within the prior four weeks. Simply looking at advertisements and not responding will not count as actively seeking job placement. Since not all unemployment may be "open" and counted by government agencies, official statistics on unemployment may not be accurate. Causes of Unemployment Historically for a long time British administration was the main cause of this problem. After ending Mughol regime when British came in Sub continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) they started to do business, they exploited the...


Here are various edits, coments on your structure, and comments on your argument.

The most important of these matters is structure.

Ask if you have any questions about what I have written


One of the most critical issues, no comma which many university graduates are confronted with, no comma

try to use active voice where possible. It gives more simplicity and action to what you are saying.

eg which confronts many university graduates

nowadays is increasing unemployment. This is often due to the fact that more and more universities have been founded over recent years. In addition, their standards are not high enough and as a result employers are very cautious about employing their graduates.

I don't think this needs to be a separate paragraph. Also, avoid short, single-sentnce paragraphs

Another couse of unemployment could be <<< too tentative ramped up<<< too slangy level of employers' requirements towards potential workers and young people.

You were also asked to provide soluuions. I suggest you should briefly mention your solutions in your intro, before going on to discuss them in detail.

One of the possible solutions to the problem mentioned above (which one?) is to encourage entreprenours to hire young and well-educated people in their corporations and companies by means of advertising campaigns in the media, press etc. Don't use etc. in an essay.

Who would pay for these campaigns. And why should they?

Another way to deal with the problem is to increase faculties<<< wrong word by sacking old, inefficient workers <<< Why do you think old workers should be sacrificed? And are you implying that old peple are inefficient? Can you prove this? or by sending them to retirement.

However, the best idea to solve the problem of unemployment among university graduates is simply to adjust the curricula, having in mind the needs and requirements of employers, and to omit needless courses, so that students can focus on the most important and most practical courses.

The problem could can? also be solved by providing paid placements for the best university graduates, so theyare able to gain important experience and therefore are able to more employable. Who should pay for this? Why?

To sum up,comma there are several steps, no comma which can obviously make the lives of university graduates easier in terms of looking for a good and well-paid job. The point to start with is the way and the standard of education, which remains in conflict with the employers' expectations.

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