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Women Have the Right to Abortion Essay

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Women Have the Right to Abortion

Webster's New World Dictionary defines the word abortion as, "any spontaneous expulsion of an embryo or a fetus before it is sufficiently developed to survive" (Webster's 1988; Pps. 3- 4). Assuming the reader of this essay agrees with the above definition, I will explore the following thesis, and support my answer with appropriate, adequate documentation, from "Conversations":

"Should abortion be legal? At what point in time, and under what criteria should it be restricted?"

Let me begin with a rather neutral source. Sallie Tisdale, a registered nurse and writer (Tisdale, 737) in her essay, 'We Do Abortions Here', states:

"Like many women my age, I took the pill as soon as I was sexually…show more content…

Some on this side may argue in favor for adoption. Have they not seen the masses of children spending their entire life waiting to be adopted? Do those on the left really care about these children, and the quality of life they are to lead, or are they merely out on a self-righteous 'quest', for themselves attempting to control anyone who doesn't contribute to their "puritanical" ideals?

What should happen, in those cases of rape, or pregnancy complications? Should the woman be forced to be given a daily reminder of the brutality once caused against her; for something which was out of her control, and against her will? Should she be made to die, again, for complications which are, again, out of her control? These ultimatums do appear rather harsh, especially since anti abortionists such as Meehan advocate "the right to life", and are against the exploitation of women.

John Irving, in his essay entitled, 'Pornography and the New Puritans' asserts, "Fascism has enjoyed many name changes, but it usually amounts to banning something you dislike and can't control. Take abortion, for example. I think groups should have to apply for names; if the Right to Life people had asked me, I'd have told them to find a more fitting label for themselves. It's morally inconsistent to manifest such concern for the poor fetus in a society that

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Essay on Women Have the Right to Abortion

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The issue of abortion has always been a controversial one for citizens of the United States. Abortion is the practice of terminating a pregnancy after the embryo has been planted in the uterus (Abortion). An individual’s stance on this controversial issue categorizes them into one of two very different groups. An individual who feels that a woman should not have an abortion- due to moral or religious views- is said to be “pro-life”. Coincidently, those who feel that a woman should have the right to choose abortion are said to be “pro-choice”. “Pro-life” supporters point to the practice of abortion as an immoral one. Supporters state abortion is immoral because it takes away the rights of the unborn fetus, since activists consider human…show more content…

The practice of abortions throughout the United States are safe. Abortions have become safer since the procedure was reluctantly legalized in the United States-by the Supreme Court-in 1973. According to The American Medical Association’s Council on Scientific Affairs the number of deaths associated with abortion drastically dropped from roughly four out of every one hundred thousand women in 1973 to .6 per every one hundred thousand women in 1997 (Abortion is Safe). These statistics show that procedure in how an abortion is performed has become safer since legalization. Legalization of abortion permitted the procedure to be performed in a sterile setting- such as a hospital operating room. The medical risk associated with an abortion procedure is highly overestimated. An abortion performed exactly as medically advised carries half the risk of a tonsillectomy (Abortion is Safe). (A tonsillectomy is a simple procedure that is performed on many children in their childhood.) On the other hand, anti-abortion advocates point to emotional problems that could harm the pregnant woman after an abortion. These advocates attempt to show there is a link to mental disorders in post abortion women. A New Zealand study looked to verify this claim. The analysis showed that there was a credible link between depression, suicide attempts and substance abuse in post abortion women (Cords). Researchers also aimed to connect having an abortion with post-traumatic stress disorder

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