Listen Five Live Sports Extra Abroad Assignment

1. Do your research.International Living magazine publishes an annual global retirement index that ranks the World's Best Places to Retire. For this year's 23 countries, which include Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal, its researchers crunched numbers on the cost of living, health care, housing, internet access, infrastructure factors such as international airports and, of course, weather.

Another resource is the 2016 Annual Retire Overseas Index, from the online publication Live and Invest Overseas. This year's No. 1 place: the picturesque coastal region of Algarve, Portugal. International retirement expert Kathleen Peddicord and her team develop the annual ranking using statistics from public records, as well as sandals-on-the-street reporting by correspondents.

2. Leverage language. If you speak a foreign language, or just studied one in high school, it can make sense to focus on places where it's spoken. And keep in mind that your English skills can open the door to a wide range of work that includes teaching English, interpreting and guiding English-speaking tourists. You might land a job at a hotel, tourist-oriented art gallery, bistro, B&B, retail shop or real estate agency.

For leads, check out, a popular website on living abroad. "Expat retirees typically move to warm, beachfront areas such as Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Belize," says founder Betsy Burlingame. "These areas are also popular tourist destinations, and expat retirees can often find work in businesses related to the tourist industry."

Maryse Pen

The Paolini & Stanford Winery produces 25,000 bottles of organic wine a year.

The BBC's radio services are among the best in the world, from sports coverage to local affairs and detailed analysis of global events. When you're travelling, whether for business or pleasure, being able to keep up with your favourite BBC radio drama, the rugby or local news can help you keep in touch with what's going on back home. If TV is more your thing then check out our guide on How to watch UK TV abroad.

Fortunately, the BBC has a decades-long commitment to international broadcasting, and when internet radio came along, Britain's national broadcaster chose to make all of its channels available around the globe as part of its mission to share the UK's culture and views with the world.

Bear in mind, though, that DAB radios, whether portable or installed in your car, won't work overseas, as most other countries are both outside the range of the BBC's digital transmitters and use different digital radio standards, such as DAB+. So you're going to have to try something else.

Devices ready

The BBC's iPlayer Radio internet radio service is definitely the way forward when it comes to international listening, whether you want to use a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, but mobile users are advised to download the app before leaving the UK.

The iPlayer Radio app for Android, iOS, Kindle  and Windows Phone was until recently only available to download from inside the UK, although it works for an unlimited period of time with no restrictions if you go overseas. As of the 7th of July 2016, the BBC has begun rolling out the app out to users around the world, starting with the Republic of Ireland.

We were also able to install the app from a UK Google account while in France without any trouble. However, until the roll-out is complete, it's best to install iPlayer Radio before you leave, just to be on the safe side and to save on any potential data costs. The official apps also make it easy to download BBC podcasts for future listening, which is helpful if you don't want to use up too much of your mobile roaming data.

Listening to a radio stream will use up roughly 60MB an hour. That's not a huge amount for occasional use but it could quickly build up if you listen regularly on mobile data. When overseas the problem is far more serious, an hour of radio will cost you £3 based on the current EU-limited 5p for MB pricing, for more details read our EU roaming guide. That lasts until June 2017 when roaming costs are abolished, though due to Brexit we're not sure what will happen beyond that.

If for any reason you're unable to download the offical iPlayer radio app, or if you want to listen to non-BBC stations, a range of alternatives are available, including UK Online Radio for Android, which has a sleep timer and includes a wide range of BBC regional stations, and the appealingly simple British Radios app for iOS.

If you're going to be using a laptop to listen, but don't want to have to navigate around the BBC's website, you can make your listening experience easier using the unofficial BBC Radio Tuner extension for Chrome, which allows you to flip between the BBC's main radio channels via a simple selector that's always available on Chrome's toolbar.

This programme is unavailable

Occasionally, a BBC radio broadcast, whether live or on catch-up, will be replaced by a recorded message telling you that "due to rights restrictions this part of the programme is unavailable". This most often applies to coverage of sports and other live events that the BBC only has the licence to broadcast within the UK. However, it's possible to work around such restrictions using a VPN.

As radio streams don't hog bandwidth to the extent that streaming TV does, most free VPN services are perfectly adequate for virtually moving back to the UK to listen to a restricted programme. When you're connected to a VPN, all your internet traffic is routed via a UK endpoint, so you appear to be within the UK as far as the sites and services you're accessing are concerned.

Steganos' free, ad-supported OkayFreedom VPN service gives you 2GB of traffic every 30 days on its basic service and is one of our favourite options for accessing restricted BBC services when abroad using a Windows PC. Mac OS X users can use CyberGhost's free tier, which doesn't restrict your bandwidth but instead limits which of its end-points you're allowed to connect to.

If you're using the iPlayer Radio smartphone apps, free mobile VPNs are available, including CyberGhost for Android and TunnelBear for iOS.

You're listening to the BBC World Service

The World Service was the BBC's original international broadcasting medium, beginning life in 1932 as an English-language service for the remnants of Britain's empire, "men and women, so cut off by the snow, the desert, or the sea, that only voices out of the air can reach them". Within a decade, the service began adding languages and regions, and currently broadcasts to people around the world in 27 languages, with a broad range of programs including news, music, comedy and documentaries.

You can tune into the BBC World Service in English on standard short-wave frequencies across much of the world, but broadcasts to Central Europe ended in 2008, and to the Eastern Mediterranean in 2015, due to budget cuts.

European travellers can still access the World Service via internet radio and satellite, while some long-wave and medium-wave broadcasts for other regions can be picked up in parts of Europe.

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