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In the modern age, internet has emerged as a useful method for all age groups. In the past, its use was just limited to business but in the past few years or so, internet has become a popular method of learning among the students as well. There are various platforms available on the internet where students can not only learn but can enjoy their time as well. So, lets discuss how internet is useful for the students.

Online education

Not quickly but surely, online education is becoming a trend among the students from around the world. Using this method, you can engage in a course without going to college. Lots of famous universities have come up with many online graduate programs and students are using it to pursue their further studies even if they are doing some job. So, if you are also looking to do a job after high school, then you have this option to continue your education.

Online assignment help

The other benefit of internet is that you can opt for an assignment writing service if you find it difficult to attempt your assignment or homework. Students finding it hard to write an assignment, essay, dissertation and many other type of research paper is not something new. That’s why with the emergence of the internet, lots of assignment writing solution provider have come up and are offering their services to the students who have problem in writing the assignments.


Although many students don’t like doing research using internet. But internet is an effective method of doing research for you if your professor assigns you to write your assignment or asks you to make a model. There are lots of sites available where you can gain lots of information about different topics by spending few Mbs of your internet data.

Connecting with friends

Internet is also coming handy for the students in connecting with their friends and teachers. There are various social networking sites available on the internet where you can stay in touch with your friends and teachers. Moreover, some developers have also come up with some social networks that are especially dedicated to the students and teachers. You can also recommend these social networking sites in your institution to have better communication.

With all that, internet is also being used by the institutions to teach the students in innovative ways by looking at the increasing interest rate of the students. That said, this write-up ends here. Hope it was helpful. We are an assignment help provider that provides assignment writing solution to students from UK and many other parts of the world. We offer our assignment writing services in many subjects ranging from nursing, management to law and programming. So, if you are having problem in attempting your assignment, then you can try our assignment help online. If you want to gain more information about our assignment writing service, then you can talk to our expert via chat or call.


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Internet in Schools

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Internet in Schools

Everything revolves around the internet these days. Every business, big or small has a internet website for you to visit. Let’s face it, the internet is not going away, we as a people must learn to use this tool and not think of it as a negative thing. The internet must be used positively to benefit us. We can find anything we want through the internet. The internet can be abused but we must educate our children so they can use it effectively to their advantage. We definitely need to make most schools have the internet in classrooms, there is no doubt about it.
Internet needs to be in the classrooms of schools in the new millennium. If you can’t get on and surf the internet by yourself then you are looked down upon. The internet is the new big thing, it’s technology at it’s best. That’s why we must keep our students in schools educated and updated with it, the internet has endless possibilities. Students would never run out of information for their reports in school, they can either go to the library and look for the information they need and hope that the book they need is not checked out, which could take up to a couple of hours. While on the internet you can find the information in the matter of minutes. Many books are outdated and you would be lucky to check one out if everybody in the class is doing the same report! The internet keeps up with current information coming in every day of the week. I don’t think students abusing their time on the internet is a problem, I think we need teachers or someone to monitor where they are going on the internet. There are programs advisors can download that can block out any material not suitable for students at schools.
The world is at your fingertips with the internet, you can do anything imaginable. It is the schools duty to have the internet, forget the library, I’m sure students would agree with me that using the internet would be much easier to find the information you are looking for than the library. If you don’t know how to use the internet then you are missing out, anything you want is on there. The internet alone could be a career, there are online businesses that make just as much money as jobs outside your home.

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Students can learn a lot from the internet, some students may not exactly know what they want to do in life, and there is no better way of exploring different ideas for careers than surfing the internet.
Proof that the internet can improve your basic skills is everywhere. You can take tests online for certain subjects, there are online tutors, and with practice you can improve your typing and many other skills. Students don’t necessarily need to go out in the job market to make money, at age 13 or 14 they can make money through the internet without going out to find a job. Students can use all the experience through the internet to help them throughout school and for education, but as they get older they can use those skills to find jobs as well. A job may require somebody to do computer work and by learning the internet 5 or 6 years earlier. They will later be able to do work easily and not have to struggle with it. Computer oriented people can type fairly quicker than people who haven’t been familiarized with the internet and computers.
Technology is taking over, and it is our responsibility to keep students up with current technology. With this technology can learn how to find information on their report due next Tuesday, and they get more familiar with computers and the internet. Knowing how to find information from the internet efficiently they will be able to go and use it later on in their life when something is needed.
According to the essay “Should Schools Be Wired to the Internet?” by Al Gore and David Gelernter, students with the internet in their classrooms outperform their peers without the internet on standardized tests of basic skills by an average of 30 percent. That is a huge difference, 30 percent is a significant number to change what young students learn when in school. Students who use the internet as sources for projects, reports, etc., have a more creative and better quality project or report.
Books, compared to internet is like a VCR compared to a DVD player. The internet is undisputedly better as is DVD players. Why even bother with books when you have the internet? You can get much better information through the internet than you can books, undoubtedly. The internet has quicker access than books. It is easier to find what you are looking for on the internet than to go and find the right books. Unlimited possibilities, never outdated, much more interactive, and most definitely more information than books. Just one of these points should never make somebody think twice about putting internet in classrooms. Not having it in classrooms would be depriving it from students who need this tool to succeed in society.
Teachers and parents should be held accountable for which sites their children visit on the internet. At school the teachers must be held responsible, at home it should be the parents. When children explore the internet, how else are they going to learn if they don’t try to exceed the limits? Parents must educate their children about the internet, how it must be used and where exactly the children should be allowed to explore the internet. The teachers should not only monitor the student’s where abouts on the world wide web but should also teach them what is and what isn’t acceptable. The teachers must teach the basics to the students on surfing the internet before hand. Some students don’t have a parents that teaches them about things in life, so teachers have to at least teach the basics. Once that is done, they have done their job and not much more can’t be asked from the teachers. The internet is shaping our society, it is a huge part of it these days.
A good percent of America has websites and internet related things going on. Not teaching the students of America about the internet is like not teaching children how to write. No, I am not exaggerating, it is a huge part of our society and will only get bigger, more and more people will buy computers and surf the internet. Statistically the number of people each year surfing the internet at home is increasing.
It would be a huge mistake if we didn’t have internet in classrooms of schools around the nation. That mistake would come back and bite us in the butt and it would be evident in the standardized test scores of public high schools around the country. It is already known that students without the internet have much lower test scores than students that are familiar with the internet and how it works.
     There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the internet is here to help our students and education is so much easier with it. Without the internet, the education system is relying on mostly outdated books to educate our students, and if they wanted to update the books than that would cost thousands of dollars for each school. The solution is to keep the books the schools have had, give them out but also have the internet at schools accessible for students to search through to gain new information not already in the standard text books given out to the students. The goal of going to school is to have the students educated, and the internet adds a whole new dimension to learning that can’t be overlooked by a couple of negative perceptions from people who choose not to open up their eyes to see what’s going on in society today.

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