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1 Day 2Anansi Goes Fishing

2 THE BIG QUESTION....What does it meanto be creative?

3 Concept TalkIn the song we hear that fish are not always safe. What is one problem that fish have in this song?

4 Oral Vocabulary: Amazing Words

5 Problem Creative Thinking
People and animals need food to stay alive.People and animals need can use a tool to eat.Armadillos roll up to protect themselves.Animals need to stay safe.Anansi wants to eat a fish.Bait on a hook can trick fish.

6 goldfish handmade playmate raindrop backstage bedspread overflow
Consonant Blends andCompound Wordsgoldfishhandmadeplaymateraindropbackstagebedspreadoverflowlandslidesandstone

7 1. Trish got a postcard with a seacoast shown on it.
Phonics1. Trish got a postcard with a seacoast shown on it.2. The three men will backpack into the hills and see lots of wildlife.3. We stay inside during a windstorm or sandstorm.

8 Spelling Words1. basketball2. someone3. weekend4. something5. birthday6. riverbank7. bathtub8. backyard9. driveway10. bedtime11. raindrop12. mailbox

9 Challenge WordsgrandparentEarthquakerattlesnake

10 Compound Word Riddle....Why is the bluebird blue?Because the mockingbird is always mocking him!

11 High-Frequency Words caught today been finally believe parents wash
tomorrowwhateverbeenfinallybelieveparentswashcompanypictureschoolfarawayanswerMonitor Progress: Check HF WordsDay 2 Anansi Goes Fishing

12 Vocabulary Activities
An ANTONYM is a word that has the opposite meaning of another word.Vocabulary ActivitiesJournal Word Bank

13 Vocabularyslowdayfullyeslargebadfastnightemptynosmallgood

14 Your next,Daily Task....

15 Story WordsThese are some of the new story words we’ll read today when we read our main selection....

16 weave – to form threads into a cloth or to make straw into hats
Story WordsWEAVEweave – to form threads into a cloth or to make straw into hats

17 Story WordsLAZYlazy – not liking to work or be active

18 Story WordsDELICIOUSdelicious – something that tastes really good

19 justice – something that is fair and right
Story WordsJUSTICEjustice – something that is fair and right

20 Background Building Audio CD
Build BackgroundBackground Building Audio CDListen for howAnansi tricks Tiger.Question Preview....

21 Turn and Talk....1. Who is Anansi? How does he trick Tiger?2. What are some things that Anansi can do?

22 Turn and Talk....3. What other trickster characters do you know?4. Who do you think comes out the best in the end - the trickster or the character that was tricked?

23 Did we have a brain match?
Turn and Talk....Trickster CharacterWhat Character DoesAnimals in Bremen Town MusiciansB’rer RabbitAnansiDid we have a brain match?

24 Turn and Talk.... Trickster Character What Character Does
Animals in Bremen Town MusiciansTrick the RobbersB’rer RabbitTricks the Bear and FoxAnansiTricks other animals in the forest

25 Let’s Practice It! TR DVD 145
Comprehension Skill• Good readers compare and contrast as they read.• They think about how two or more things are alike or different.Let’s Practice It! TR DVD 145

26 Comprehension Strategy
* When readers want to understand or remember what they read, they look for the most important things that happen and use them to retell the story......This is summarizing!* EI•25Student Edition

27 Genre Folk Tale....• a story that was told long ago and passed along orally• often has a trickster character, or a character that tries to get something by tricking another character

28 ComprehensionPreview and Predict:reading the titletake a picture walkmake a predictionSet a Purpose so we think and understand as we read the story.

29 Let’s Read!

30 Folk Tale: What animal’s behavior does this folk tale explain?
Comprehension CheckFolk Tale: What animal’s behavior does this folk tale explain?Confirm Predictions: Think of a prediction you made using the illustrations. Did you confirm your prediction?

31 Literary Text Setting, Character, anD Plot
* We read a different version of this same story. Let’s compare and contrast Anansi Goes Fishing with A Fool Goes Fishing.

How are the characters the same? Different?Both stories are about Anansi. In the one story he is a man, and in the other story he is a spider.

How are the settings the same? Different?Both stories are by the water. One is near the West African forest.

34 Reread for Fluency Reread pages 428-429 of our story
Read it more than once!Do you notice yourfluency improving?

35 Conventions: Verbs for Past, Present, and Future
The frog hops now.hopsWhat is the verb,or action word?Grammar Jammer!

36 Conventions: Verbs for Past, Present, and Future
The frog hopped yesterday.What is the new verb?hoppedWhat ending do we use when we talk about the past tense?-ed

37 Conventions: Verbs for Past, Present, and Future
will hopThe frog ________ tomorrow.What new verb goes in the blank to show the future?willWhat word begins the verb when we talk about the future?

38 1. We cleaned the desks well.
Read the sentences. What are the verbs?Tell when the action happens.1. We cleaned the desks well.cleaned, past tense2. The windstorm scared me.scared, past tense

39 3. An insect hurries to hide.
Read the sentences. What are the verbs?Tell when the action happens.3. An insect hurries to hide.hide, present tense4. Who will open the window soon?open, future tense

40 finish these sentences.
Use an action verb tofinish these sentences.1. Our clock ____ the time now.2. The bell ____ later.3. Last night we ____ at my sister’s joke.Reader’s and Writer’s NB, page 223

41 Writer Trait: Conventions
*Writing Prompt for todayThink about how creative thinking can solve a problem. Now write a narrative poem in which someone solves a problem.Generate ideas for the topic...

42 Problems Creative Solutions
To start planning our poem, think of problems characters have had in stories we read.ProblemsCreative Solutions

HAD IN STORIES WE READ.ProblemsCreative Solutionsneeded to get foodtrickedwanted to find a new homebuilt something newwanted to win a raceused something in a different wayneeded to escapewanted to travel or do something new

44 Writer Trait: Conventions
•Mini-LessonSentences in a PoemRW Notebookpage 224for planning sheet


46 Writer Trait: Conventions
ROUTINE:Quick Write for FluencyTalkWriteShare

47 High-Frequency Words-
Wrap up your dayHigh-Frequency Words-Let’s read the high frequency words in this sentence.I believe that Anansi has finally been caught in a trick.

48 Wrap up your dayBuild Concepts* What prey did Anansi want to catch?* Did turtle or Anansi consume all the fish?* Who proved to be the more shrewd character?

49 TomorrowTomorrow we’ll learn more amazing words and we will reread Anansi Goes Fishing.

Compare and Contrast Hunting and Fishing Essay

825 WordsDec 16th, 20124 Pages

Hunting and fishing have been a part of the past and present of America and all around the world for as far back as the world dates. As far back as we can date, people have always hunted and fished. Back then they needed to because people need food to survive. Now hunting and fishing are starting to become sports. You may think that hunting and fishing can harm the environment, but there are many positive things about them. Hunting and fishing can have some positive effects and negative effects on the environment and economy, so if you don’t really agree with hunting and fishing maybe these facts will change your mind. Hunting nowadays is becoming more popular around the world. There are many different types of animals that you can…show more content…

The same activities are carried out in order to increase the food available for game species, and in turn increase their numbers for hunters. Hunting can disrupt natural food chains as well. It disrupts the natural prey-predator cycles that are so important for the sustenance of the forest. Long term effects of hunting take a toll on forests and they are slowly lost to us. Now let’s learn a little about fishing and how it effects the environment. Fishing can have some positive effects on the environment and the economy. First fishing helps provide food for restaurants to sell to their customers. Fish are also sold at fish markets so people have food to survive. Many places in the world rely on fishing to sustain their way of living. Without fishing, they would not be able to make a living or survive. In some countries certain fish and fish eggs are a very important delicacy to them. Fishing helps the world go round and provides jobs for many people who fish on commercial fishing boats. Fishing helps many people in the world, but still some people have their negative views on it. There are also some negative effects that fishing has on the environment. Destructive fishing practices devastate the marine environment and include bottom trawling, bycatch, the use of poison and explosives, and ghost fishing. The larger and better equipped boats mean the more devastating the impact of illegal fishing techniques. Bottom trawling is an industrial

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