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Some man-made resources are nearly essential to modern human life, such as medicines. Without medicines, vaccines and similar man-made chemicals, many people would become sick and die. Others are not essential, and only exist because people want them. For example, many pesticides are man-made resources, and while not essential, their use enhances the lives of many people.

Some man-made resources reflect their natural counterparts. For example, many lakes and rivers are man-made structures. While the water and fish inside them are natural resources, the impoundment would not exist without humans to construct it. Such resources offer food and recreation opportunities for many people. Humans also create farms, which are man-made resources, even though the plants and soil are natural resources.

Simple man-made resources, such as paper, are often combined to form more man-made resources, such as books, plates or wallpaper. High-tech products typically feature dozens or more components that are man-made resources, such as wire and semiconductors.

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Man Made Resources Essays and Research Papers

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  • Productive Resources Of The Economy
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  • Tech
    to increase the resources like man-made resources such as land etc. Since Tonga has no minerals and hand small land area the only variable resources that we can...
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  • Butter And Production Process
    a labour resource because they are using their skills in cutting hair to provide a service. Capital resources: These are manufactured or man made resources that...
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  • The Industrial Revolution
    Human population growth is indelibly tied together with increased use of natural and man-made resources, energy,  land for growing food and for living, and waste by...
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  • Characteristic Of Market Economic
    good. Humans resources: Human effort to a physical labour to have production of a good of service. Capital resources: Man-made resources physical capital tools...
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  • Economics
    Working conditions Education and training Capital This is composed of man-made ... rests, the scarcity of resources and the choices that have to be made to try to...
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    zones for tourist infrastructure, identification of important natural and man-made resource areas and their designation for protection, and provision of Access...
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    who experts in production, distribution and marketing. * Financial resources: Capital to finance all man made resources which may be from the bank or investors...
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  • Corruption
    corruption not only leads to the misallocation of resources, but it also perverts the manner in which decisions are made. Political corruption is when the laws and...
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  • Human Rights
    the "blood diamond market" was/is, there are there are other natural and man-made resources that are being exploited on the "black market" such as gold, oil, cocoa...
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  • Trainig
    free market economy Economic problem Managerial Economics Inflation Waste of resources Correct Answer Theory of price Your Answer Theory of price Universal...
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  • Pob Csec January 2011 Student Report
    versus Private Sector (i) Ownership and control The private sector of a country is made up of private citizens or individuals. The firms that are owned by private...
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  • Black Money
    TowerGroup Research is available on the Internet at 2011 Tower Group, Inc. May not be reproduced by any means without express permission. All...
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  • Hospitality
    Declaration I declare that this project is the result of my own individual efforts and that it confirms to the university departmental course regulations regarding...
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  • Multinational Corporations By Stopford
    has a more complex set of motivations: resource seeking - gaining access either to natural resources or man-made resources, market seeking - in an expanding local...
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