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Subject: EVS volunteers in France and Italy in 2017 for “MOVING PEOPLE IN VOLUNTEERING” project

I am excited to be writing to show up my keen interest for volunteer in your project which was advertised on website. I am a committed and motivated applicant, bring your company my knowledge of and experience with specialized in intercultural, and the ability to negotiable, resolve situations

I am currently doing master in Materials Science & Nanotechnology from University of Science & Technology of Hanoi and have been finished 6 months my internship for my master degree in Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination du CNRS Toulouse- France. That brought me chance to work in professional and international environment. Moreover, I am very loved travelling and traveled around Europe include 7 countries and more than 20 cities. Apart from this, I did my Bachelor of Science, Engineering physics from University of Engineering & technology Hanoi. I hold a good thesis scoring A+. I tend to work hard and with valor. Working as a volunteer in your project would be a great chance for me to avail. I have attended INGO Vietnam and Friend project as an assistant coordinator and teach English to blind students with both national and international volunteers. This work was worth attending and provided me with additional experience and knowledge. I also worked as a research assistant for almost 4 years in Institute of Materials Science- Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology, Hanoi. But now I am finished this job and looking some work to do in international and intercultural environment. To be honest, I am not master at anything right now as I consider that without entering professional world I cannot learn the real tactics

I am a quick learner and able to work in versatile conditions. I would learn much as a volunteer. Furthermore, my knowledge in this field would be beneficial to your organization as well. Being a volunteer in your project I will utilize my interpersonal along with working skills. I desire and perfectly appear willing to travel to project sites. I have grip over my computer and language skill as well. I am eager to share my knowledge with people and based on certain experience I have become more culturally aware and appreciative of all people all around the world. My attributes make me a strong competitor and I hope you will consider my application and a chance of meeting would be worthwhile. My resume is attached to elaborate my personality. To work with you would be an incredible chance for me. I wish to start my journey towards my career from your organization. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your time and consideration


Nguyen Manh Hung

CALLING for EVS volunteers in France and Italy in 2017.

SJ Vietnam: "MOVING PEOPLE IN VOLUNTEERING" project is calling for 2 long term Vietnamese volunteers in France and Italy.

*Duration: 6 months, from the 4th of January 2017.

*General volunteers profile

- 18-30 years old

- strong motivation to undertake an intercultural experience

- unemployed

- with fewer opportunities

- interested in international volunteering

* EVS tasks will include:

- to design of a personal project during the mobility that will be part of the OER and will focus of the involvement of disadvantaged youth;

- to prepare, support and implement 3 local workshops (one every two months); - to research about the impact of humanitarian aid, best practices, etc;

- to collect all the OER contents that CESIE will develop supported by the partner organisations.

**Costs covered by the project:

- travel costs (return tickets) up to → 1100 per participant

- VISA up to 300 euro per participant

- Food and accommodation

- Health insurance

- Italian and French language course

*** For those who is interested, please send your CV, motivation letter toworkcamp@sjvietnam.org, with subject: EVS volunteer for France or Italy.


*** DEADLINE: 1/11/2016

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV allows us in advance to have some informations about your life, your experiences and your interests in advance…

In the following you can find some points you may use in your CV:

  • education
  • vocational training cours
  • IT skills
  • language skills*
  • personal qualities
  • interests
  • sports and cultural activities
  • experiences and participation in social projects
  • driving licence

Don´t forget to mention your commitments as: voluntarty work, language study holidays, work experiences, au pair holidays, school and family trips, baby sitting or other informations that may be interesting for us.

Some informations how to layout the CV:

Please type your CV´s with your computer.
Please write as clear as possible (not more than one page).
Please pay attention on your spelling.

An other solution: CV Europass

The CV Europass is created by specialists to apply for european organisations in a simple and clear way. You can create a version online or download the file in 27 languages on http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu

Motivation letter


Your motivation letter supports your CV and includes your « trumps » and your interests that are important and explain why you want to do a « Service Volontaire Européen ».
To be a volunteer it is not necessary to have a qualification or diploma, everything turns with your motivation! Don´t hesitate to write us original and creative motivation letters.

Before you start writing your letter you may think on the following questions:

  • Why do you want to take on?
  • What is for you an SVE?
  • Why did you choose this program?
  • Why did you choose this location?
  • What could you give the organisation or what do you hope to get there?
  • What are your interests, what are your passions?
  • Did you ever participate in a organisation/program like this?
Some advices for you:
  • Your presentation has to be serious!
  • Please write either in english or in the language of the country you want to go! (If you are not able to write in these languages, we can also help you to translate your letter into english**)
  • Write simple and as clear as possible!
  • Be creative!

If you have not many experiences you can also combine your motivation letter with your CV. For this you just write down your motivation and your experiences in combination with important facts about you in a « Motivation Letter ».

Some websites that may help you writing:


* To find out your language level online:https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/fr/resources/european-language-levels-cefr
Or here: http://mundus-stettin.univ-amu.fr/sites/erasmus.com/files/referentiel_3_langues_1.pdf

** Some translation sites:
Linguee: http://www.linguee.fr/
Reverso: http://www.reverso.net/text_translation.aspx?lang=FR
Wordreference: http://www.wordreference.com/fr/

Like this:


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